This is Me

there was once a bird on a wire, looking at the world from above, trying to pick up the sound of the streets, whithout ever knowing what it is like to live in one.

Portrait 1

A situation. A non-static moment of observation, interpretation, creation. Bird on a Wire questions human interactions, moments of solitude and feelings. The outfit on your body, the beauty of light, the sounds of footsteps.

"Fashion is like a supermarket trolley into which foodstuffs, tampons and paperbacks have been placed neatly. Or like an encyclopedia, where God and Gum sit happily alongside each other. And so the things one gets excited about now are doomed to plummet into the ranks of the ‘uncool'." Yohji Yamamoto.

So how can fashion, a trivial vain and ephemeral medium, that disintegrates every season, recognize the everlasting beauty of life? How can it interpret what it so clearly works against? Simply because it bathes in it.

" Fashion contrives an extravagant paradox: fashion is a system of meaning designed with the sole purpose of destroying the meaning it so beautifully constructs." Roland Barthes.

But as Kiyokazu Washida said " the objects of desire have reached saturation level, so capitalism's next move is not to manufacture further products, but to manufacture the desire itself."

Bird on a Wire is a brand that strives to connect those two opposing worlds to create products that are everlasting, by dipping them into the beauty of life.


This is not Me

some would say
the girl is the bird,
others that
the bird carries
the eyes of the girl.

Portrait 2

Wearable garments designed from the light of an autumn day, the stretched muscle of a dancer, the elegance of leaves and the energy of desire.

Therefore Bird on a Wire is taking fashion to a new realm by questioning the rules and breaking the mundane. Bird on a Wire is the next generation of fashion designing.